001: Bulbasaur: The Seed Pokémon

by themetaknightmare

Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold!

Or that’s what I would say if I was one of the Pokémon professors. But I’m not, at least for now. I’m embarking on a grand adventure, one where I talk about a Pokémon every day, in some context or other, but likely focusing on game design. From the specific reason that Pokémon is special to the game choices to whatever else inspires me about that particular Pokémon on that particular day.

So why haven’t I talked about Bulbasaur itself yet? Well, he’s a starter, and this is the start of my blog. So there.

You want me to talk about the Pokémon itself? Fine. I don’t think I’ve actually ever started a game with a Bulbasaur (Took Charmander when I played Red, and Squirtle when I played Firered), so I guess that’s where my apathy comes from – I’ve just never gone through one of these games with this blue dinosaur and the growth on its back by my side. It’s cool, and I can understand why people like it, but it’s just never spoken to me as much as many of the other starters (I assume this happens to most people – that’s why they let you pick from three, and not just say “HERE TAKE THIS RATTATA HOPE YOU LIKE IT”). This element of choice is a good thing in the game, because it isn’t too broad yet has a large impact. I’ll probably talk about having too many choices when I get to Mew (Namely, how Mew can learn every single TM). It also promotes trading between games to finish your Pokédex, and that’s something else I’ll touch on later. So, now that you know at least two things about the future, and why I don’t really care for Bulbasaur, that’s all for this entry.

Smell ya later!